Early Shoot Borer (ESB)

  • Common name :
    Early shoot Borer

  • Scientific name :
    Chilo Infescatellus

  • Crops :
    Sugar cane etc…

Early Shoot Borer Life Cycle

Identification of the pest

Adult moth is straw coloured and measures about 1.5 inch in wing span. The lower wings are greyish-white and the palpi are pointed forward. The newly hatched caterpillars are somewhat greyish in colour having a dark head and a transparent body with spots and hairs. These spots lateron develops into spines. The fully formed caterpillar’s measures 1.25 inches long

Symptoms of Damage

  • Dead heart shows in 1-3 months old crop, which can be easily pulled out.
  • Caterpillar bores into the central shoot and feeds on the internal tissue cause Dead heart.
  • Rotten portion of the straw coloured shoot emits an offensive odour.
  • A number of bore holes at the base of the shoot just above the ground level.

Controlling Method: Use AXON IPM Pheromone lures and traps.

  • Number of pheromone traps required :10-20
  • Type of trap : Detla trap
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