Pink Boll Worm (PBW)

  • Common name :
    Pink Boll Worm (PBW)

  • Scientific name :
    Pectinophora Gossypiella

  • Crops :
    Cotton , Okra , etc.

PBW Life Cycle

Identification of the pest

  • Larva: :
    Shows colour variation. Young larva are white and late instar becomes almost black
    Brown or green to pale or pink,Several dark and light alternating bands running the entire length
  • Adult :
    Small moth
    Forewings are brown or dull yellow olive grey with dark spots
    Hind wings margins are deeply fringed

Symptoms of Damage

  • Rosetted flowers
  • Excreta observed at the point of bore holes by larval feeding. When bolls are opened, damaged seed kernel would be observed.
  • They cut window holes (interlocular burrowing) in the two adjoining seeds thereby forming "double seeds"
  • The attacked buds and immature bolls drop off
  • Discolored lint and burrowed seeds

Controlling Method: Use AXON IPM Pheromone lures and traps

  • Number of pheromone traps required : Install Pheromone traps 6-7 per acre
  • Type of trap : Funnel trap
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