• Common name :
    Fall Army Worm

  • Scientific name :
    Spodoptera Frugiperda

  • Crops :
    Maize,Rice,Sorghum and Sugarcane

FAW Life Cycle

Identification of the pest

  • Egg :
    Eggs are pale green or white at the beginning and turn clear brown to brown before hatching.
  • Larva :
    larvae are pale colored. They become brown to pale green, they darker at the latest stages. The larval stage lasts for 12 – 20 days depending on ambient temperature and other environmental conditions.
  • Pupa :
    The pupa is dark brown and lives 12 – 14 days before an adult emerges
  • Adult :
    The moth is 3 to 4 cm wide. Its front wings are dark brown while the rare wings are grey white. It will live 2 to 3 weeks before dying

Symptoms of Damage

  • The young caterpillars feed on the undersides of leaves. Feeding results in semitransparent patches on the leaves. Young caterpillars can spin silken threads which catch the wind and transport the caterpillars to a new plant. Feeding is more active during the night.
  • Age 3-6 does the most damage, resulting in ragged holes in the leaves. Feeding on young plants can kill the growing point resulting in no new leaves or cobs developing

Controlling Method: Use AXON IPM Pheromone lures and traps

  • Number of Pheromone traps required : Install Pheromone traps 5-7 per acre
  • Type of trap : Funnel Trap
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