Daimond Back Moth(DBM)

  • Common name :
    Diamond Back Moth

  • Scientific name :
    Plutella Xylostella

  • Crops :
    Cabbage,Cauliflower, Radish and Braccoli

DBM Life Cycle

Identification of the pest

  • Egg :
    Minute yellow coloured eggs laid singly or in groups on the upper surface of leaves
  • Larva :
    Pale yellowish green caterpillar
  • Pupa :
    Pupation takes place on the foliage in a transparent cocoon
  • Adult :
    Small greyish brown moth. Forewings have three white triangular spots along the inner-margin. Adult folds the wings that appear with triangular markings, opposite wing with diamond shape

Symptoms of Damage

  • Young caterpillars cause small yellow mines on leaves
  • Scrapping of epidermal leaf tissues producing typical whitish patches on leaves
  • Full-grown larvae bite holes in the leaves and feeds on curd

Controlling Method: Install AXON IPM Pheromone trap

  • Number of pheromone traps required : Install Pheromone traps 6-7 per acre
  • Type of trap : Funnel Trap
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